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Canada to Implement Innovative High School Course Mashing

New courses to get the creative juices flowing

(SNN) – On the heels of a looming teachers strike, the Right Honourable Federal Minister of Cultural Development, Dick Brayn, has announced that the government has solved a serious leakage in national educational funding, “We have taken a sampling of spending from schools teaching grades 9-12 across Canada and discovered that many courses are wasted on the average Canadian high school student,” advised Dick, “Many subjects can be 'mashed' into one subject and still cover all the topics and at the same time reduce educational spending.”

A recent Prospective Cohort Study, under controlled conditions, has concluded that many high school students need visual and oral stimulation to absorb the subject materials effectively. In a controlled sample of 400 students from various walks of life, a clear 80 percent increased their academic standings by 18 grade points when the compulsory course materials were mashed together with the more entertaining electives. Furthermore, the study showed that the course lengths could be shortened by 40 percent with the same results.

“Your government is committed to saving tax dollars and at the same time deliver a better and more effective educational system,” said Dick Brayn, “As a result of these recent findings, we will be introducing a new Bill that will result in the mash-up of eight existing high school courses into four.”

The new Bill will allow teachers to receive incremental raises, reduce the amount of classroom hours, and enrich the classroom experience.

The Bill identified the following courses to be combined into a new curriculum:

  • Photography with Sex Education
  • Business with Chemistry
  • French with English
  • Biology with Physical Education

“We believe that these new courses will create more productive and creative citizens,” concluded the Right Honourable Dick Brayn.

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