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Beer Manufacturers Sued For False Advertising

Studies Show Beer Consumption Does Not Attract Buxom Hotties

(SNN) - The North American consumer watchdog agency, Market-Watch for Advertising Honesty (MWAH) has filed suit against the vast majority of major beer labels in the US and Canada. The issue at stake is the impression the industry is trying to erroneously conjure in men's minds, with their advertising, that young, beautiful, well-endowed, uninhibited women are all attracted to guys that drink beer.

“The ads are an insult to the intelligence of the general public,” stated Herman J. Ponce, spokesperson for MWAH. “Everybody knows that sort of woman goes for guys with far more genteel tastes than would slop beer into their gullet. They want men with bulging wallets, not bulging midriffs. They want the sort of man who drinks a nice Courvoisier brandy or perhaps a high-end cognac. Beer is for ruffians and the baser elements in our society.”

The beer industry has responded to the suit with all their lawyers blazing.

“We are trying to sell a product to men predominantly,” stated a spokesman for their advocacy group, Brewers United for Rich Profits. “What do you expect us to show? Bar skanks? It’s not like you can sell the stuff we make to women. Have you ever heard a man say, ‘Do you want to split a beer? I can’t drink a whole one.’? What else are we supposed to do? Beer just won’t sell if we don’t advertise it. People will simply stop drinking.”

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