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Show Me Your Boobies and I'll Agree With Your Politics

(SNN) - I have to say I don’t really understand these Femen ladies who figure the best way to draw attention to their various causes, most notably feminism, is to doff their laundry and shake their soft, pink orbs at whatever world leader has raised their ire. To me, this is the most curious way possible to argue for your cause.  However, I hasten to add that I don’t want to discourage the practice.  I enjoy googling images of your protests with great interest.

In fact, I must admit, if I was a head of state for a country and a young woman whipped off her top, my reaction would be more like Vladmir Putin’s appreciative gaze than Angela Merkel’s shocked gasp. If I was a world leader, the only thing that would make an attack by a Femen protestor better, would be if she was to bring a beer along for the show. Does that make me a sexist or is it simply the reaction of a normal male to the sight of an attractive pair of female breasts? Surely all the beer companies’ advertising  firms aren’t all wrong.

Of course, Femen is hardly the first group to use bare breasts to bring awareness to their political plights.  Back in the early 1900’s Doukhobors were parading their naughty bits on the steps of the Saskatchewan legislature with great regularity. They were protesting laws that disallowed communal ownership of their land as opposed to individual ownership. Maybe it had a different impact when it was elderly farming women stripping down.

I suppose the best argument for whether the tactic works or not is in the fact that we’re discussing it, and I will admit we are.

But what was their cause again?

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