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France Finally Adopts Name For Kissing With Tongues

Move Throws Down Gauntlet to English Speakers World-Wide

(SNN) -The linguistic world is currently a-twitter, in both meanings of the term, at the avalanche of reports that the new 2014 French dictionary has finally added a word to describe what everyone else calls “French kissing”. The word they adopted for the action, (action indeed!) is the verb “galocher”. Its root word is “galoche” which is the boot part of an ice-skate; possibly due to the tongue connection, though some have speculated it was to be evocative of slipping and sliding (he he!)

Many pundits and columnists have made great sport of the new addition to the carefully guarded language. French isn’t like English where a word is accepted as soon as enough people start using it. In France, they have a panel of scholars that rule on what words will be officially allowed. These cunning French linguists invent new words to describe the changing world around them, instead of simply using (gasp!) French versions of English words.  It is a credit to the committee that they tackled this ticklish subject at all.  Still, to many English writers, it seemed too ironically delicious that the French had no single word for French kissing.

Why these Anglo-scribes felt smug, is unclear, however. Few commentators mentioned there is no widely accepted single English word that describes this particular activity, either. Some might suggest the word, “Frenching”, but that’s more of a cooking term; something you do with your green beans, not your honey. 

So, come on, Anglosphere. Let’s put on our thinking caps and come up with our own word to call this action. Phrases such as “French kissing”, “swapping spit” and “tongue tango” just aren’t going to cut it anymore. Tiplipping, anyone?

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