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Over 15,000 walk off the job at McDonalds.

(SNN) - Reeling from the internet rumor that the McDonald Restaurant chains are considering bringing back the 90's defunct McLean Deluxe, a flock of marketing partners are angrily leaving the company.

“I got word that close to 15,000 of my clients are walking off the job in protest of the McLean Deluxe,” said C. Mouette, talent agent for Sky Promotions Inc. “This is a battle we won against McDonalds in 1991.”

It is not truly understood why they are 'walking' off the job, but The Sage has learned that the disgruntled marketing agents are flocking to Fat Burger in droves.

McDonalds' spokesperson, Sporgan Murlock, had advised that the company is worried that without the help of Sky Promotions nobody will truly know how to find the golden arches. “Sky promotions always drew the traffic to us by swarming locations across Canada and monitoring the vehicular traffic,” said Murlock, “In addition to the aerial showing, the 15,000 plus agents would work day and night picking up garbage and dropped food.”

The protest towards the McLean Deluxe is directly connected to the 91 percent fat free patty. Mostly comprised of seaweed carrageenan and water, Sky Promotions agents refuse to take part in the nightly parking lot cleanup.

“Fat Burger is the real winner here,” said industry watcher Mehmet Oz. “Once Sky Promotions is well established overhead, the traffic will come, the parking lots will be full.”

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