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THEM: Canada According to Justin Trudeau

(SNN) - I have never made it a secret that I fear the leadership of Justin Trudeau. Besides his serious lack of experience and his annoying, baseless arrogance from achieving success due to his moniker, rather than his merits, there was always something about him that irked this decidedly western voter. Then I heard what this man, who aspires to be Prime Minister of the land with every fiber of his breakfast, had to say in defense of the currently loathed Canadian Senate, “We have 24 senators from Quebec and there are just six from Alberta and six from B.C.… That’s to our advantage.”

When I first read that quote, I was aghast that he would bask in this historical disservice to western Canadians. In BC and Alberta, with a combined population of 8.5 million, there are just twelve senate seats between the two provinces. Contrast that with Quebec, which has a half a million less people, but gets to have twice as many senators to represent them is an outrage.  No matter how egregious the imbalance, however, Mr. Trudeau seems quite okay with it and the reason for that is contained in that very same sentence. Note what he says “WE have 24 senators…That’s to OUR advantage.” 

There it was; the niggling bother I couldn’t place about the man was laid bare. He really does see Canada as us versus them and I’m not one of his “us” people. Hopefully, Ontarians and Maritimers and all non-Quebecors will see that they aren’t part of Trudeau’s “us” group, either.

To further illuminate this point, here is another quote from Trudeau when asked to explain his obvious indifference to the unfairness of western Canadian Senate  seat allocations.

“I’m not going to make apologies for being very serious about protecting minorities in this country, whether they be linguistic minorities like anglophones in Quebec or francophones outside Quebec, or even Quebec as a province.”

Apparently, other provinces aren’t an important enough minority for him to worry about. They are, after all, not like “us”.

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