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Senate Votes to Dissolve Parliament

'This Is About Preserving What's Really Important; Our Jobs'

(SNN) The much-beleaguered Canadian Senate has voted to do away with the House of Commons. The senator leading the vote did not want to reveal his name but said to call him, ‘Dike Muffy’. The porcine senator cited a number of reasons for the move in an exclusive interview with The Sage.

“First of all, it will save a ton of taxpayers’ money,” explained Senator ‘Muffy’.  “You think the senate is a money pit? You should check out Parliament. They waste money by the bags full! Look at the F-35 debacle. Look at the 3.1 billion that’s gone missing from the security budget. Look at the cost of all those MP’s who make a mockery of democracy with their childish antics. It makes good, true Canadians sick.”

‘Muffy” pointed out that the base salary for an MP is “a whopping $160,200 and it goes up from there, and there’s a lot more of them than us.” He also pointed out the HOC is riddled with scandals that cost the country far more than anything that’s been revealed about the Senate.

“No matter how wasteful, devious and arrogant Parliament gets, nobody says anything,” railed the senator. “but everyone seems focused on the Senate just because of a few senators who aren’t good accountants, such as that nice Duffy fellow.”

“The important thing,” ‘Muffy’ continued, “is to move forward without the wasteful, archaic parliament getting in our way and let us get back to work providing sober, second thought for the bureaucracy that runs things anyway.” 

Photo by: Kumar Appaiah flickr photostream, Some Rights Reserved, The Sage nor this article endorsed

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