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Trudeau Appeals For Help In Thinking Up Questions

'I'm Supposed to Ask Harper Stuff. What Do I Want to Know?'

(SNN) Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau has made a video asking Canadians to help him think up questions for the Prime Minister to answer in Question Period. 

“We have to ask these questions all the time,” explains Trudeau in the ad as he smiles boyishly at the camera despite being over forty. “And frankly, there isn’t that much in Harper’s head that I want to know. However, if there’s question you, Mr. and Mrs. Middle Class Voter whom I love with all the parts of my heart and soul that aren’t already being used up loving Quebec, if you have a question for Ol’ Stuffy Pants, just call write me an email or text. I’m also on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Ashley Madison.”

Trudeau makes a special point in the ad that the questions must be serious or he’d just look stupid asking about what Harper wears to bed, as an example. He’s looking for “questions about the environment and finances and stuff’.

“All through my first years as a parliamentarian and even in the leadership race, I was being asked questions all the time,” Trudeau related in the ad. “It never occurred to me I’d have to ask questions, too.”

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