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Russian agency says CIA member tried to recruit spies within.

(SNN) - Russia's FSB counterintelligence agency has reported that it is holding an American citizen for attempting to recruit spies from within Russia. The FSB, said the accused spy was Bryan Foolge, a secretary from the U.S. Embassy in Moscow. It has been revealed that Foolge is known as a highly trained CIA operative that specializes in covert recruiting of CIA assets in foreign countries.

“Mr. Foolge came to our attention through The Moscow Times' employment classified section.” said Dimitry Sluethski, head of the FSB covert operations. “Foolge had placed an ad for assets.”

The Moscow Times is the English language newspaper published by OOO United Press in Russia. The advert that brought Foolge to the FSB attention was cloaked in tricky language:

Wanted: Full time position is available for a special agent for an international information gathering organization operated by Universal Exports. Must have experience with covert electronics and currently holds a position with the Russian Intelligence community. Martial Arts, qualified with a handgun and prior military experience would be an asset....”

The CIA has denied Foolge is an agent or a handled asset; however, in a taped interview with a highly placed contact, "The Sage" was advised that the same advert has been used in Iraq, Germany, Japan, Canada and China with no detection. “The Russians are very good at deciphering hidden meaning.” said SNN's contact, “We (the CIA) are very good at fooling regular folks.”

It was learned that Foolge was also connected with the CIA branch that reported WMD's in Iraq during Operation Desert Storm.

Photo by: magical-world's flickr photostream, Some Rights Reserved, The Sage nor this article endorsed.

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