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Astronaut Hadfield Signs Recording Deal

'Forget Science, I Want to Be a Rock Star'

(SNN) Wildly popular Canadian astronaut, Chris Hadfield, has signed a deal with Warner Music Group to cut an album capitalizing on his world-wide exposure as Mission Commander for the International Space Station which came to an end today.

A spokesman for the record label was ecstatic about the signing.
“We’re going to milk this puppy dry!” enthused Ira “Ice” Berg in a hacked phone-call.  “If we can’t get this guy to go platinum, we should get out of the music business.”

Besides the two songs Hadfield sang aboard the space ship, “The International Space Station” duet with Bare Naked Ladies member Ed Robertson, and the recent David Bowie cover; “Ground Control To Major Tom”, the company has a number of songs in mind for him to play. These include “Nazareth’s “Space Truckin’”, Prism’s rather appropriate “Space Ship Superstar” and an acapella version of the instrumental theme song for the original Star Trek. Other tunes rumoured to be on the record are being a closely guarded secret, according to Hadfield’s publicist. However, Lucinda Skye, did say that they were considering using Stompin’ Tom’s “Budnik the Spudnik” but wanted a chance for airplay on CBC stations instead.

Interviews with the newly-minted Canadian hero have been difficult to get as he is suffering from “space lag”. Hadfield plans to begin recording as he has recovered and remembers not to try and float his guitar in front of him, said Skye.

Photo by:  Steve Jurvetson flickr photostream, Some Rights Reserved, The Sage nor this article endorsed

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