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NRA Calls for "Praying Permits" after recent study shows danger.

(SNN) - In a recent study assessing the risk of weapons accessible to the average North American, it has shown that the top three most dangerous weapons are Guns, Aluminium Baseball Bats and Prayer, with the number one spot being held by Prayer.

Although guns have been in the news recently in acts of devastating violence, the study has shown that each act of violence was preceded by the perpetrator invoking prayer. Further, it was learned that prayer was invoked in violence used by people setting off bombs, knife attacks, hijackings, gun battles, acts of public slaughter and even war. The study showed that 97.6 percent of all acts of public violence was bolstered through the invoking of prayer.

The news was received by the National Rifleman's Association (NRA) with glee. Spokesperson Sarah Palin is reported as saying, 'If you feel devastated about the slaughters of Sandy Hook, or Aurora, or Tucson, instead of trying to prevent crazy people from acquiring weapons, you should do something constructive, like pray.' (paraphrase)

The NRA is looking to force a US Bill calling for a national registry for anyone that uses prayer in their daily lives, “It's not guns that kill people.” quipped Palin.

Canada has already taken steps to discourage prayer in daily lives going back to the 1960's. “We are not looking to criminalize prayer at this time,” was the message from an unnamed government source.

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