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DND Brass Defends Beleaguered Base Commander

'Our Boys are Good Boys!' Claims General

(SNN) - In an exclusive interview with Sage News, General ‘Dez’ Astor, of the Department of National Defense headquarters in Ottawa, revealed it appears the military is going to stand by their man as far as the alleged conduct of the Wainwright CO, Major David Yurczyszyn, whose actions have been called into question.

“I can’t believe a military man was involved in the consumption of strong drink,” railed the general during the one on one encounter at the officer’s mess.

“I swear, after a hard day of battling the Taliban and al Qaeda forces internationally, most of our fine men and women like nothing better than a nice, hot cup of tea. Some members of the junior ranks enjoy the odd glass of fermented grape but over-all, armed forces life is one of total abstinence.”

General Astor relayed how the public’s image of army life was skewed from reality.  He described how the soldiers under his command were far more interested in simply enjoying fellowship with one another; playing chess, doing crosswords and even scrapbooking, rather than pursue distilled spirits.

“We have very little drinking in our midst, much like any other uniformed group, be it the RCMP, jail guards or the Sherriff’s department officials,” thundered Astor. “We certainly have less alcoholism than, say journalists, or the homeless.”

Photo by: Fort Rucker flickr photostream, Some Rights Reserved, The Sage nor this article endorsed

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