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Missing AVRO Arrow found frozen in time deep inside Greenland

Canadian salvage will not be possible.

(SNN) -  What can only be stuff made by Hollywood, a group of climatologists monitoring the effects of global warming, have come across the missing CF-105 AVRO Arrow frozen just beneath the surface. “Our team was enroute further north, when we spotted what looked like an aircraft just under the surface,” said Canadian climatologist, Raymond Ban. “We initially just recorded its position and forwarded the data onto Greenland authorities,”

Greenland government representative, Gorrick Olsvig, has issued a statement essentially claiming the downed aircraft as Greenland salvage. “We have confirmed from the design, the markings that can be seen, and the overall condition of the airframe that it is a vintage Canadian AVRO Arrow,” said Olsvig, “Under international salvage laws, the people of Greenland are claiming this aircraft as the rightful property of its government. Any attempt to enter Greenland for recovery will not be authorized.”

It is believed that the AVRO Arrow is fully intact.

At the time the Arrow program was cancelled in Canada, the remaining aircraft that had been completed were ordered scrapped and sold to a junk dealer in Nova Scotia. For many years it was believed that one of the aircraft had been spirited away fully intact.  

“Until today, it was only a rumour that one of the Arrows was saved,” said Arrow enthusiast Glen DeBoer. “What it was doing flying north over Greenland is a mystery.”

Canadian authorities have not commented on the discovery.

The Avro Canada CF-105 Arrow was a delta-winged interceptor aircraft, designed and built by Avro Canada beginning in 1953. The Arrow was considered to be the most advanced jet fighter of its time and a source of national pride for Canada.

First test flown in 1958, the program was pushing to production when it was abruptly halted. The controversy that followed resulted in the destruction of AVRO Canada, with many leaders in the industry leaving the country. The Arrow's cancellation was announced on the 20th of February 1959, a day that became known as "Black Friday" in the Canadian aviation industry.

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UPDATE - APRIL 12, 2014: SPY PHOTO: Recovered AVRO Arrow restored and in service in Greenland.



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