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Quebec Government Relaxing Anglo Safety Laws

'We Want To Demonstrate the PQ is Not Oppressive' - Marois

(SNN) Pauline Marois has signaled an intention to table a bill in their National Assembly that will “allow English speaking minorities far more freedom than their Francophone brethren”. Bill 666 will remove penalties for, among other things, wearing helmets for cyclists, seatbelts for drivers and safety harnesses for roofers, but it only applies to Anglos.

“To ensure the legislation is fair to all Quebec citizens,” explained Marois at a press conference held in the emergency ward of a downtown hospital, “Francophone Anglo-sympathizers can apply for a dispensation, basically asking to be treated like English pig-dog filth. Never let it be said we aren’t fair to all.”

Asked if the new bill was a blatant attempt to reduce the numbers of English-speaking Quebeckers, Marois snorted in derision. “It never fails,” she spat angrily. “Whenever we try and do something nice for the Anglos, we still get questioned as to our motives. They are an impossible group to make happy.”

Other provisions of the law allow for drunk and/or distracted driving within the target group, as well as tax-free, government subsidized cigarettes.

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