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Regarding Gun Control In U.S. Canadians Have No Right To Be Smug

Minority Rule Alive and Well in Canada

(SNN) For all of those Canadians who are clucking their tongues at the American government for voting down reasonable-seeming firearm legislation that included background checks and prohibitions against automatic weaponry, don’t feel too much self-satisfaction. The very thing we feel self-righteous about happens here, too, and likely, in any democracy.

Despite the fact that over 80% of the population in the U.S. purportedly supported President Obama’s gun control legislation, it was still defeated, largely due to legislators fearing the wrath of the NRA and their supporters which, in the American South, are legion. Given the prevalence in our media regarding shootings south of the border, the average Canadian, and no doubt many Americans, were aghast that the will of the people was not respected.

What does that have to do with Canada, you might ask? Consider this;

Canada has no law restricted abortion in any way, not even for gender selection purposes. The people of Canada, time and time again, when polled on the subject, overwhelming support some limitations to the procedure. The approval rate is actually similar to the pro-gun control numbers in the U.S., but you’d never know it, given the attention it gets from our elected officials of every stripe.

The hard-core no-limit abortion faction are a numerically small segment of the population, but appear to be able to exert even more sway over our elected officials than the NRA does in the United (somewhat) States. This is particularly troublesome given that abortion rights aren’t addressed by either the BNA Act or Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Our Supreme Court has urged our legislators to look at the issue and none have had the guts to face such a vocal minority. Most our politicians are too afraid to take a stand.  Doesn’t that sound like all those Republican senators (and four Democrats) that quashed Obama’s bill?

We have no right to judge.

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