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Trudeau Scores a Major Point

Harper Takes Body Shot Over Backbench Control

(SNN) - I admit brash, inexperienced Justin Trudeau is not my cup of tea. He has never done anything in his entire career to impress me.

Until now.

By giving notice he is making a motion to remove the power that party whips have over what questions are asked during backbenchers 60 seconds of fame they get once in a blue moon, he has shown a certain ballsiness that I can’t help but admire.

After all, the best offensive move in a politician’s playbook is to show your opponent in the exact light that people are most apt to believe of him. It doesn’t help to say he kicks puppies if he doesn’t. It is, however, excellent to remind the electorate how obsessively controlling Mr. Harper is, and this rubs it in his face like a protestor’s pie.

The gambit isn’t without its inherent risks. Lots of aspiring federal leaders promise open-ness but deliver the exact opposite. Both Mr. Harper and former PM Jean Chretien are fine examples of this. It’s not a curse of a particular party. Often a leader has to muzzle their members to maintain a united front in the face of a media hoping to find chinks in the armour at every turn. Trudeau may one day need to muzzle extremists in his caucus and these kinds of plays stick to the memory ribs..

Harper is in a tight corner, having promised that abortion would not be discussed during his tenure. It was a major promise and any deviation would lend credence to those that still believe he has a “hidden agenda”; that famous attack ad label the Liberals used on Harper years ago. Harper is in a bad spot and it is clever for Trudeau and the Liberal strategists to exploit. That’s politics.

Still, young JT has already said and did some bonehead things in his time in the public eye. He has attitudes he sometimes espouses that seriously worry me. However, on this one play, I have to give him credit.

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