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OMG! Birth Control Pills Recalled!

What? What? Are You Kidding Me?

(SNN) - British pharmaceutical manufacturer, Smyth and Cousin-Twice-Removed have admitted there was a manufacturing error that caused thousands of units of birth control pills to be filled with small versions of the popular confection “Sweetarts”.

“We are currently undergoing an internal review to see what lead to the unfortunate situation and have not ruled out corporate sabotage or unbelievable stupidity,” asserted company spokesman Humphrey Wattlebottom. “Meanwhile, we are doing what we can to retain as many lawyers possible to handle all the pending paternity cases.”

Struggling single parent, Wo Nel Lee was distraught at the news of the recall. The pregnant resident of a housing project for unwed persons, Lee was so beside herself with rage, she was actually in the next room for the interview.

“I feel like everything I put my faith in has been torn apart,” weeped the single-mom as she stuffed sour cream-dipped Oreos into her mouth. “If you can’t trust the drug companies, who can you trust?”

One of the 1273 lawyers retained by the company, on condition of anonymity was quoted as saying, “Our main thrust in our defensive posture is that women should have noticed the little sayings inscribed on the mini-Sweetarts, such as, “Ooops!” and “This is gonna hurt!”.

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