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Canada Lets USA Win Women's Hockey Championship

Olympic Status Shaky When Canada Wins Every Game

Ottawa - In an effort to demonstrate that the world of international women’s hockey isn’t dominated by one country, Canada has allowed the United States to beat them 3 – 2 in the gold medal match in the World Women's Hockey Chapionship. The strategic loss by Canada was designed to support the International Olympic Committee who has recently been defending their decision to keep women’s hockey as an Olympic event, given the single country domination of the sport.

“If we could come up with something else that featured muscular women in shorts, we’d be all over it,” claimed an IOC source that wished to remain anonymous. “We were considering ‘lingerie football’ but that’s more of a summer games event. We also thought about female mud wrestling... a lot...  but, again, Canadian women would dominate. We will stick with the hockey.”

Canadian team players obviously declined to be named when discussing throwing the game, but were still in high spirits.

“It’s comforting to know that if we had wanted to, we would have buried them like Latvia but we had to take one for the team,” said one player. “The American women did great, though. They knew what was at stake and even managed three goals. They like playing, too, and God knows we can’t get anyone interested in a WNHL. The Olympics and this tournament is all we have.”

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