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Alberta Health Minister Fred Horne Blasts News Industry

Print Media Spared His Wrath

Edmonton, AB. - Alberta’s Minister of Health lambasted radio and television media representatives at a press conference on Monday for mispronouncing his name.

“You electronic journalists should know by now the ‘e’ at the end of my surname is silent,” thundered medicinal minister Horne. “It’s pronounced ‘HORN’… like a moose’s horn, for crying out loud.”

When reminded by members of the press that moose actually have antlers, not horns, Horne appeared to go ballistic.

“I don’t give a flying fu… fu… fungus what moose wear on their heads!” responded the minister. “Who in … heck… pronounces the ‘e’ at the end of a word?”

When questioned for a reaction, U.S. Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke, long-time Edmonton newscaster Gordon Steinke, Phoebe, from the TV show, ‘Friends’ and every apostrophe currently in use, were all unavailable for comment.

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