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Mutant Female Goats More Attractive to Males

University of Tuktoyaktuk Study Encounters Mystery

(SNN) Scientists with the ultra-secret cloning program at Tuk U, while doing research made possible from a grant by the federal government’s Department of Agriculture, have made an astonishing discovery. They have demonstrated that genetically modified goats, that lack bones in their front legs, receive far more attention from male goats than their normal-legged counterparts. This appears to be a huge departure from most selection strategies males usually exhibit across the animal world. The predominant model is that males seek females who fit most closely, to the ideal of the species, ostensibly to provide the best chance for species survival.

The goats, however, appear attracted to females who obviously don’t fit the species-ideal profile. For some as-yet unexplained reason, goats in test conditions chose the genetically-modified females over the control group almost twelve to one.

“We can’t explain why this seeming departure from the concept of “survival of the fittest” is occurring,” claimed lead scientist; Tuk U’s mammalologist, Dr. Dee Mento, “but we are continuing our studies to try and get to the bottom of it.”

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