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BUDGET: Alberta to pass Bill 420 as a way to reduce deficit and improve productivity.

(SNN) – In an effort to reduce government expenses, Alberta Premier Redford has introduced Bill 420 which will regulate the hours a government employee can work on a given day. “This will affect all sectors of the Alberta Government,” said spokesperson Peter de Pacas, “The new law will require all workers to end their shifts at 4:20.”

Bill 420 will relieve provincial employees at 4:20 whether they work a day shift or night shift. “This will reduce the average shift by 40 minutes,'” said de Pacas, “effectively saving over 54,000 hours per work week, which is a great relief to the tax payer.” 

A recent study showed that provincial employees, from all levels, tend to drop off production precisely at 4:20. Further, Bill 420 will require all employees to take April 20th off as a mandatory, non-paying personal day.

“Our Government is working hard to improve the productivity of Provincial Employees,” said Premier Redford, “with this new legislation we will see a reduction in staff costs, less breaks, and less shrinkage of vending machine snacks.”

The estimated staffing costs across all government departments will reduce an estimated 35 million dollars a year with the implementation of Bill 420. The Alberta government is the largest employer in the province with an estimated 81,000 skilled workers on staff. 

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