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EXCLUSIVE: Erratic behavior from Kim Jong-un may be the fault of family member.

What's Kim Jong-Un up to?

(SNN) – In an exclusive interview with a close aid to Kim Jong-un, the supreme leader for life of North Korea, The Sage has learned that Jong-un is panicking over recent news that his country is considered aggressive. “When his father ascended, Jong-un frantically looked for the 'owners manual' for North Korea," said The Sage's source who goes by the name of Dong-up, “Since then Jong-un has been chanting, 'What would daddy do?'

In a sat-phone conversation with The Sage, it was learned that North Korea has a set of strict foreign policy procedures it follows, which have gone missing. “We believe that the brother Jong-chul, upset that he did not get the job, ate the procedures,” said Dong-up, “Jong-un is not sure if it is; threat-blackmail-take bribe-retract, or blackmail-threat-take bribe-threat, or threat-attack-blackmail-threat-take bribe-retract.” Dong-up stated that since North Korea has internet firewalls in place, they could not Google, Bing of ASK for the answer.

With Jong-un in power for a year now the world has witnessed a pattern emerging. Yet, it was another week of hostile, over-the-top rhetoric from the reclusive, impoverished country led by Kim Jong-un.

The recent missile and nuclear tests, continual threats against South Korea and the United States, and the annulment of the 1953 Korean War armistice are raising questions about the stubby despot. “Losing the owners manual to North Korea may explain why Jong-un appears to be out-of-control.” said psychologist Betty Humpter, “However, his behavior could be driven by a mental illness, a sociopathic narcissistic personality disorder, or he could be suffering from a physical malady, like psoriasis, hemorrhoids or crabs.”

With the recent threats, the world is asking 'Is his behavior erratic or staged?' The real question should be; Is Kim Jong-un competent enough to run his country?

Photo by:  Zennie Abraham flickr photostream, Some Rights Reserved, The Sage nor this article endorsed.

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