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Minnesota Government in Typo Fiasco

Flawed Doc Made Into Law

Minneapolis, MN. - Minnesota politicians were scrambling today, when it was discovered that they had just enacted draft legislation making it legal to possess, ingest and cultivate Tijuana. The legislators had been producing a discussion paper regarding decriminalizing marijuana when a Spellcheck typo occurred. Although the secret document was simply for exploratory purposes, it was inadvertently included in an omnibus bill that was rushed through the approval system.

The Spanish-speaking populace in the state, whose name is Carlos, was surveyed about how he feels about a Mexican city being decriminalized. He seemed pleased, although perplexed.

“If you mean by decriminalizing Tijuana that they are getting rid of all the criminals,” Carlos nodded while scratching his head. “that would be a very good thing, but what’s it to do with Minnesota? I doubt I could ever afford to posses Tijuana, however. I can barely afford this bachelor suite here. I bet, though, if you ingested Tijuana, you’d get off!”

The legislature is in an all-night session to strike the law from the books. Protestors promptly gathered at the Governor’s mansion demanding Tijuana be decriminalized once more.

Photo by: xiquinhosilva's flickr photostream, Some Rights Reserved, he Sage nor the article endorsed.

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