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Mulcair Strategists Mull Ghost of Trudeau

Just watch me giving opposition leader fits

Ottawa - Thomas Mulcair and his NDP brain-trust is having trouble responding to the disturbance in the Twitterverse that occurred when Justin Trudeau invoked his famous father’s infamous quote.

“We need something equally strong to come back with,” asserted NDP backroom boy Sid Hartha. “We have tried a few test-quotes with focus groups but so far nothing has been really satisfactory.”

The strategist claimed they had already examined such sayings as

“Just smell me”, “I’m More of a Quebecer Than Trudeau”, “NDP is better than PMS”, “I Like Being Watched, Too”, “Don’t watch the punk”, “Just feel me”, “NDP is AOK”, and “Just bite me”.

Although Trudeau the Elder used the words when threatening the use of martial law in Quebec to deal with violent subversives, it is unclear who or what Trudeau Junior was threatening. Still, NDP party officials obviously felt threatened by the statement as it elicited the PR brainstorming session which ultimately tapered off to a drizzle.

“Don't worry, I'm sure he knows the difference between NDP and FLQ,” Mulcair said in an effort to calm his panicked troops. “We’ll come up with something really terrific and then they will be sorry. You’ll see. Maybe something like ‘Just feel me’ or something.”

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