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Trudeau sparks liberal frenzy with 'Just watch me' note.

(SNN) Liberal adherents from all over Canada were all in a twitter when news spread that Liberal Leader hopeful Justin Trudeau invoked his late father's famous phrase “Just watch me.” In a note that Justin passed over to a fellow traveller while on the same flight in response to the question, "Justin, Can you really beat Harper?" in typical Trudeau fashion, he scrawled those brave words, “Just watch me.”

Social media across Canada was buzzing with the news that the 'giant,' Steven Harper, will soon be slain by young 'David.' Justin Trudeau. Liberals from across Canada, aching for the glorious return of the 'Natural Governing Party,' were all a flutter with anticipation. “When I heard those brave words, I almost wet my pants,” said CEO Scooter Thomas, “my heart is still bleating.”

“My legs are still weak from all the excitement of the Liberal battle cry.” said Toronto entrepreneur, Mitt Gaynor, “as soon as I heard he had invoked that exact phrase, I knew for sure, Justin has the talent to run this country.”

“Yes, Yes, Yes!” said boy band leader Jean Paul, “I dropped to my knees, looked up and started to cry. I am so happy!”

Upon hearing the news, Federal NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair, is rumoured to have said, “Oh yeah, well that's nothing, Canada better just watch out for me, too!”

With all the excitement from Liberal party members and supporters alike, it has become clear that the late, great former Prime Minister of Canada, Pierre Trudeau, lives on through his son, Justin.

Current Prime Minister Steven Harper has been tight lipped on the subject.

Photo by: ycanada_news' flickr photostream, Some Rights Reserved, The Sage nor this article endorsed, original caption, "Justin Trudeau"

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