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Annual PM Smiley Pic Photobombed

Staffer Held in Custody

Ottawa, ON - Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s yearly photo-op where he tries to smile was interrupted yesterday when an un-named junior member of the PM’s public relations staff managed to ruin the picture. The act is called a “photo-bomb” and is usually practiced by teens and young adults. This was the first recorded instance of a staffer photo-bombing the solemn occasion and RCMP officials are concerned it may be a trend.

The minutely controlling PM is very careful of his public image and is not known for having a broad smile or a toothy grin. When he bares his teeth in seeming happiness, it appears to be more of a grimace. Medical experts suggest this is due to the pain caused from muscles not frequently used. They equate it with only playing softball once a year at the company picnic. It’s great fun while it is happening but you can hardly get out of bed the next day.

Dr. Nestor Foster-Gloucester, the PM’s personal physician, has warned the intransigent head of state repeatedly that saving the smile for the yearly photo-op was a bad idea. When shown this year’s picture, Foster-Gloucester shook his head.
“He’ll feel that one in the morning,” he sighed.

PHOTO: Harper, midway through his smile attempte, with a serious guy for contrast, is photobombed behind security's backs..
Photo by: Robert Thivierge  - Thivierr flickr photostream, Some Rights Reserved, The Sage nor the article endorsed.

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