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Heinz Introduces Spotted Dick To North America

Company Hopes Sales Exceed Jerk Sauce Intro

(SNN) - Heinz Foods has announced they are endeavoring to broaden the appeal of their products with a wide range of new offerings. Apparently, not satisfied with just 57 varieties, the company is branching out into foods not normally enjoyed in the North American market. Vice President of Marketing, Dorking Winkle-Bottom admitted there had been some resistance to the new products.

“When we first test marketed our British Isle hit “Spotted Dick” to Canadian and US focus groups, we were disappointed with the results,” explained Winkle-Bottom. “Instead of tasty British pudding, people associated the name with diseased genitalia. It was a real marketing challenge.”

This isn’t the first time Heinz has run into problems bringing British dishes across the pond. Few can forget the international incident when cases of canned sausages, with the name “Bangers” started coming to the Canadian border and the customs people mistook them for armaments. Similar shipments to the US market were immediately allowed entry, although many lawsuits are pending from outraged Americans feeling they were misled when their sausages didn’t bang in any conceivable way.

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