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Bendt Ouver Winner With Partner

Sweden's Hula-Hoop Program Comes of Age

(SNN) - Swedish Synchronized Aquatic Hula-Hoop Pairs event winners Bendt Ouver and Knute Gecho were thrilled with their first place win in the World Cup of Synchronized Aquatic Hula-Hoop. 

"It is most very good," said Ouver in his ridiculous "Swedish Chef" accent. "We hope still will be better good when Synchronized Aquatic Hula-Hoop become Olympics game."

It is widely believed the IOC is looking strongly at Synchronized Aquatic Hula-Hoop as a strong candidate for inclusion in the 2020 Games. Olympic head Jacque Rogge has spoken favourably of the "sport", even being quoted as giving it his personal support. 

"Synchronized Aquatic Hula-Hoop is a perfect fit for the new direction the Games will be taking,” Rogge mumbled in a drugged stupor induced by Sage associates. “We want to eliminate the whole boring “stronger, faster, farther” or whatever it is. We prefer the new slogan “Money, money, money”.

Photo by: Bert Knottenbeld flickr photostream, Some Rights Reserved, article not endorsed. 

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