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Restaurant Review: Cabbages and Condoms

A Great Place to "Thai" One On Downtown

Bangkok, IN - With a firm resolve, we slid into the welcoming entryway to this unique eatery located close to the “Y”. The aroma of the restaurant’s specialties spoke of fishy delights in tangy sauces. We were seated immediately in the welcoming bosom of the dining room which was done stylishly in light pinks and soft brown accents. My partner and I couldn’t wait to spread the menus wide open.

The appetizer dish of cabbage rolls were perfectly baked with sinful doses of butter making the veins glisten on the cabbage wraps. The side dish of pickle bread made with fresh dill dough was exquisite.

For our main dish we went with a Thai version of Korean Bul-go-ki with generous portions of mouth-watering beef and onions sautéed with the cabbage creating a delightful, savoury dish. The cabbage ice cream, however, was a bit over the top. I passed it up for a more mainstream flavor, cauliflower, while my partner went for Brussels sprout sherbet to her regret.

As delectable as the cabbage dishes were, however, we found the condoms to be rubbery.

Dinner with wine and tip came to $67.85.

Photo by: Cathy Moore  - cathymmore flickr photostream, Some Rights Reserved, The Sage nor the article endorsed. 

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