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U.S. planned to beef up missile defense against North Korea.

... fears of weaponized energy program.

Washington - A pentagon official has revealed that the United States was building up defences against an aggressive North Korea after it was learned that a western source had been supplying that communist country with a form of power cell. A six month investigation involving the International Intelligence community raised suspicions that North Korea has been using that source to 'stock pile' an energy which was believed to be part of a weaponized energy program.

The Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Brigade (BRGE), France's Intelligence service, discovered what looked to them as computer punch cards found in a safe house of a Korean National living in Paris. “We believed we had discovered the smoking gun,” said Commander Clusoe of the BRGE, “we forwarded the cards to Germany for further examination."

The Militärischer Abschirmdienst (MAD), Germany's Military Counterintelligence Service examined the cards that were written in French and discerned that they were used to collect credits for the acquisition of power “piles.” It was believed that the word “piles' was a code for some form of power cell(s) and reference to a new form of high intensity fuel cells, possibly to be used for North Korea's KN-08 long range missile. The KN-08 is believed to have a range capable of reaching the United States.

The BRGE, MAD and the CIA all raised the alarm, which heightened tensions between NATO and North Korea.

Then last Tuesday, just as mainstream media were reporting increased threats from North Korea, a routine Airport Security screening of the MAD Agent passing through Customs revealed the incompetence of the International Intelligence Community.

An alert airport security guard noticed the punch cards protruding from the side of the agent's valise. He said, “Hey, I haven't seen those in years. I was a member of Radio Shack's Battery of the Month Club as well. What a great program!”

The Director of the CIA was not available for comment.

Photo by: Nick Black's flickr photostream, some rights reserved, The Sage nor the article not endorsed, original cutline "Missile Launcher"

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