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North Korea says it's the victim of 'destructive' cyber-attacks

(SNN) - The Minister of Data Storage for North Korea, Lee Ki-bum, issued a statement that claimed that North Korea was under a destructive cyber-attack from the imperialist pigs from the West. “We will not allow America and their lackey allies to cripple our government by destroying our information storage and retrieval systems.” said Ki-bum “We suspect 'spies like us' have penetrated our computer room, and erased sensitive government data.”

The North Korean's have advised that they will not sit idly by while all their diskettes are corrupted by the west. Meanwhile the North Korean's have contacted the Geek Squad to try for a retrieval remotely. “We have made all efforts to find a 1200 baud modem to dial-up into North Korea, but when we do make connection the carrier is not Hayes Compatible.” said Robert, a senior technician for the firm. “We had to decline service.”

In an effort to reach out with an olive branch, the American Government has investigated and arranged for the correct technical support to be provided based on the CIA's latest intelligence of the North Korea Information Systems. “We have secured support from the TRS-80 User-group of Great Britain to help North Korea troubleshoot their computer system.” said an unnamed intelligence source. As of this reporting, the TRS-80 user-group has made a successful modem connection with North Korean's main system, a TRS-80 Model III computer dual drive system with an external hard drive.

The TRS-80 line of computers were manufactured by Tandy Corporation from 1977 to 1981. It is believed that North Korea obtained this technology without the assistance of Tandy Corporation or any of its Radio Shack associates.

Photo by: Betsy Weber flickr photostream, some rights reserved, The Sage nor the article not endorsed. Description: "Forefront, a TRS-80 Model III computer."

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