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French Courts Rule Citizens can Call Officials Jerks.

... french celebrate new freedom.

Paris - In a recent decision by French Courts to overturn the “insulting” conviction of Herve Eon, people of France have finally earned the right to call public officials “Jerks.” Eon was convicted in 2008 for waving a placard at then-French President Nicolas Sarkozy that translated as, “Get lost, poor jerk.”

"Tout le monde sait que notre pays est dirigé par à-coups" said street mime, Pierre LaBonet, “Ils caracolent autour comme flems avec un pantalon à froufrous dépenser de l'argent sur 'les petits amis. Ils sont tous les saccades bizarres, ces politiciens.”

Special reporter to The Sage News Network, Ted Nopple, canvassed the streets of Paris, to get a feel for what the French thought of the Eon issue.

One nice French elder said, “Obtenir que le micro de mon visage, cochon anglais!” “Tu ressembles à une douce puant anglais. Laissez-nous tranquilles, arrêtez de nous embêter. Vous n'avez rien à faire ici," quipped her partner.

“Maman! Maman!, Et gras pédé français a essayé de me moplest avec son microphone.” advised a young lad in a nearby park. “Est-ce crétin vous dérange Francis? S'il était je vais arracher les couilles.” came a response from the lad's mother.

“The only frustrating part of covering this issue was finding anyone to speak English to me,” said Nopple, “But overall the response to my queries were quite animated, and I believe the French are happy they can now express themselves freely without personal persecution.”

With the recent court decision the French are free to express what they think of public figures. Something that may take some time get used to.

Photo by: jsmjr's (John M.) flickr photostream, Some Rights Reserved, The Sage nor the article endorsed.

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