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Chavez Clings To Power

(SNN) - Following his death on Tuesday, Venezuelan President, Hugo Chavez, has issued a statement claiming he feels he can still carry on with his official duties despite his inconveniently-timed demise. In a written statement released to that country’s official government newspaper, The Caracas Lube and Oil, Chavez has made a presidential decree installing himself as Supreme and Exalted Rule For Life and Afterlife. He indicated he had the unswerving support of such peers as his new buddy, Moe Khaddafi, along with Saddam Hussein and Kim Jung Il.

Chavez went on to reassure the citizens of Venezuela his death was “just a flesh wound… merely a scratch”, quoting his favourite Monty Python movie. He finished with the reminder that if the people don’t embrace his leadership, they could expect gas prices to go up a thousand percent. Political analysts say his position is fairly secure.

Photo by: www_ukberri_net's flickr photostream, Hugo Chavez in Guatemala, cc-by Valter Campanato - Agencia Brasil, article not endorsed, some rights reserved.

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