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The Insignificance of Mankind

“The greater the power, the more dangerous the abuse.” British Statesmen Edmund Burke

(SNN) - Society, culture, people, nations, business and self. These are just the few descriptors of what we see in mankind. But as a complex bunch we are the driving force behind our everyday emotions, pride, ego and self esteem. Many position themselves through life whether consciously or subconsciously above others.

The skillful have the ability of achieving leadership status within their personal groups or circles of influence. These people can be seen in positions of authority and for the most part are looked at by others as deserving. For many others, the struggle to achieve recognition takes on other forms

The old childhood game of “King of the Castle” is an ongoing drama that children take into adulthood and whether they are aware of the dynamics involved, role-play over and over again. Those who are not natural leaders have been slotted into subordinate roles. For many, they do not feel deserving of the humble station in life, and tend to ‘just take’ power. For those people, manipulation, force, violence and cunning are all the tools they use to make themselves feel significant.

This struggle for influence and power brokering can be seen on a large scale in world politics. Mankind walks this earth and goes about their business as if our species deserve to dominate this planet. Wars are waged through power of the elite. Corporate greed is sought after through people whose self worth is only satisfied through corporate manipulation usually at the expense of others crushed beneath their feet. Foreign policy of nations trample on the human rights and value systems of countries identified as less developed or third world. These terms are used to publicly identify these cultures as beneath those in power and worthy of occupation. They are used, through propaganda, to justify the trampling of others in the pursuit of international self worth.

Closer to home in the work-force, conflicts flourish through ‘empowerment’ management. This simple concept preaches that those in power should share. Power taken by the micro-masses, misused in the hands of some individuals in businesses and organizations are abused through cunning, manipulation and greed of those who need to achieve more self worth. The end result is emotionally beaten souls at the hands of those undeserving thumping their chests in self-fulfillment.

These power struggles in the work place, although destructive, will never go away because mankind will never change.The game of “King of the Castle” is an ongoing serialized theme.

Some who have been fed upon by micro-empowered brokers come home at the end of a working day and in an effort to achieve self-worth target their own families. Sheltered abuse reigns in families where spousal and child abuse flourishes. The offender through cunning, deceit, manipulation and learned behaviour at the hands of others plays out their craft on the down-cast spouse or child.

Beatings, verbal and emotional abuse reduces these family members to the lowest common denominator. The victims develop hatred and self-loathing. The abusers having embraced their newly achieved self-worth through dominance thump their chests in victory, some woefully unaware of the destruction left in their paths. The game of “King of the Castle” continues with its next move.

Through these acts of hill climbing, clutching at power taken from less fortunate societies, spouses whose only claim to fame was to love the abuser, children whose only shame came at the trust of their abusive parents, the power hungry human is seen as truly significant in their own eyes. Walking high in tall cotton, chest pushed out, the power hungry member of mankind is truly the center of the universe. For we have achieved technological feats that seem magical; conquered flight, harnessed and redirected energy and recreated life. These are powers that truly demonstrate mankind’s dominance of nature. In our ego-centric conquest for power, achievement, recognition and control we have placed ourselves above everyone and everything. So high that we can see the four corners of the earth with arms stretched out saying, “All this can be ours.”

Then a bubble bursts as one morning the sun shines, dark clouds roll, winds begin to howl and a growling sound is heard off to the distance. The power of nature comes full force. The power of the earth rolls across 'our' lands and collapsing structures, disassembling man's creations; events so overwhelming that flooding leaves people homeless. The king of the castle cowers in a cellar. Huge trees are uprooted and property damages soars. Safe, is not what we feel. During nature's fury we are all held in fear for what really is a brief moment in time; for at that moment all that walk this earth are equal. The bullies, family abusers, power brokers are blown about as nature puts mankind in its place. For in the end, mankind is truly insignificant.

We are only visitors on this earth, for those structures in nature will survive each and every one of us. We can feed on the emotions of our families, neighbours and fellow workers in order to climb over the heap of those we perceive beneath us, but to this planet we call home, we are nothing but an insignificant creature created from dirt.

The destruction, pain, and loss touched by those tossed about by natural disasters are truly events that provide a humbling experience for the 'King of the Castle.' Our hearts and condolences go out to the families forever touched by nature’s power. But for the rest of us yet to be touched, it is a reminder of just how insufficient our clamouring for power truly is, for in contrast to nature, mankind is truly insignificant.

Photo: Manipulation by DonkeyHotey, Flickr Stream, image Creative Commons, The source image for the earth is a photo in the public domain from the Image Science and Analysis Laboratory, NASA-Johnson Space Center. "The Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth." The source image for stars in space is a photo in the public domain from NASA/JPL.



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