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Pantene Shampoo Poster-boy or Leader, what gives?

(SNN) - In the third debate of Those Who Would Be Liberal Leader, potential Pantene shampoo poster-boy, Justin Trudeau made a foray into the education field. Granted he prefaced his comments with a mention that this was a provincial matter but then charged ahead with his opinions anyway. If Trudeau is interested in capturing the title of King of the Rump, he should tell us what he will do, not lofty thoughts on what he would like to see in someone else’s jurisdiction. He could tell us how he would better procure F-35’s or their replacements than the Conservatives have done. That shouldn’t be too hard. Talk about how he’s not going to control or censor the Internet as Vic Toews tried to do in a spectacularly ham-handed fashion. There’s some easy, populist pickings. Discuss what better policies he will pursue regarding reforming the Indian Act. Surely his private meeting with famed fish broth proponent Chief Theresa Spence gave him some special insights into it. Don’t tell us what you’d like to see in someone else’s backyard, tell us what you will do with your own.

Besides having more than enough federal issues to discuss without launching into provincial matters, Trudeau’s statement causes fiscal Spidy senses to tingle. We should all be nervous when a political leader is looking at expanding the role of government. We have enough government, thank you very much. A new federal program will not put one single new teacher into a classroom or directly help students get a better education. It will just be another sop to the control freaks in the la-la-land some “progressives” live in, where the belief is widespread that the federal government should be involved in every aspect of their lives.

Even scarier than the financial cost of federal meddling into a provincial affair is the specter of a national body dictating the curriculum for the provinces. Without a doubt the textbooks will be filled with the history of Ontario and Quebec and little else. It would be most interesting to watch this same national educational body try and force their curriculum on Quebec, no matter how prominent a place it hold in the course.  The chance of success in such an endeavour is as likely as Pauline Marois issuing an apology on behalf of all Quebecers for being intransigent and suddenly embracing the Canadian constitution.

If Mr. Trudeau truly cares about education, and he very well may, given that he was a drama teacher before becoming an MP, he should be seeking the leadership of the Quebec Liberal leadership and stay out of federal politics. That’s the appropriate place for an education debate.

Photo: Justin Trudeau, Liberal Party of Canada leader hopeful.

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