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TV Host Starts Flame War Over Name Confusion

... flattered by all the racy fan mail

New York - Special to the Sage
Canadian talk show host, George Stroumboulopolos has become embroiled in an on-going dispute with American newsman and ABC talking head George Stephanopoulos.

"I don't know what's with that Canadian so-called celebrity trying to trade off my name. I mean, nobody has ever even heard of this guy, even other Canadians. I kept this name to be unique. Just look at how it's spelt. It's preposterous! Yet he had to steal it?" Stephanopulos griped during his editorial comments when filling in for anchor Diane Sawyer on ABC's World News program. "It's not enough that we are cross-referenced on Wikipedia, for crying out loud."

The 51 year-old co-anchor of Good Morning America, as well as other ABC news programs, did admit he was at first flattered by all the racy fan mail he was receiving in error until he discovered the letters were intended for the younger and better looking Canuck.

"Let's be very clear. I had this name a good ten years before that imposter. I bet if I had been named George Wakiwakizimboppadoodahay, he would have called himself Wakiwakizimboppadoodahayski or some other stupid thing."

Canadian Stroumboulopolos responded to his US counterpart’s ire with great confusion.

"Who? Never heard of him," shrugged the obscure television personality.

Photo by: Raymond Hitchcock flickr photostream, Some Rights Reserved, article not endorsed

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