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Hometown Team Wins Final

Balzac, AB - Capitalizing on the brilliant strategy as set out by their coach, the sports team we all know and love has won the championship. The leaders on the team were generous with their assessments of their team-mates.

“We really dug deep and hung in,” asserted team captain LeCroux. “Our backs were to the wall but we gave it 110%.”

“The other team showed a lot of spunk and courage. With our great work ethic and contributions from every man on this line, we overcame adversity and made our mark,” enthused another. “This is truly a special team.”

It was a victory sure to go down in the record books since that’s what they are for. The feeling in the winning city was readily apparent with fans going crazy and sports bars enjoying brisk business with the rowdy revelers.

“We’re here to party!” exclaimed one fan, his face painted in the home team colours. The crowd roared their approval. “Our team is NUMBER ONE!” he crowed as the mob began to chant the team’s name.

Arrangements are already being made for the losing team’s mayor to don the home team colours and make a laudatory speech. The bet had been made just prior to the final series with both mayors supporting their team solidly and with great conviction.

It is difficult to tell if the team will be able to repeat next year, given that with the big win, the players’ agents will be asking for raises. Already trade rumours are swirling over the players the team’s management have yet to secure.

For now, however, the players and management are more than happy to forget about the next year and just savour the moment of their momentous victory. It will surely be hailed in the annals of sports to have been especially unique.

Photo: Team members watch over forward and team Captian "Lightning" Leroy LeCroux while he takes a much needed rest after scoring his 35th goal of the season. 

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